Panel Discussion

A founding concept of NICS is to facilitate the creation of a national forum to discuss pertinent issues affecting Ireland's Doctors. We have found that this aim is best achieved by hosting a Panel Discussion as part of the conference's agenda. Panellists include prominent figure heads directly involved in, or with great insights into, the Irish Healthcare system. The panel's primary role is to answer and debate questions/issues proposed by members of the audience.

The #NICS15 Panel Discussion focused primarily on the emigration of Ireland's Doctors. The audience and panellists explored contributing factors to this issue, searched for solutions and tabled proposals as to what can be done to retain Ireland's doctors, or even draw them back from abroad.

Emigration is a pivotal issue in the stability of the Irish healthcare system as highlighted in the recently published RCSI paper by Humphries et al. "'Emigration is a matter of self-preservation. The working conditions . . . are killing us slowly': qualitative insights into health professional emigration from Ireland"

We are delighted to inform you that the #NICS16 panellists will be led by our Keynote Speaker Dr. Paddy Barrett.